Food Diary: Costa, London

To be honest, when it comes to chain coffee shops, I’ve never really been a Costa fan. But when I tell you, the first time I tasted their Emmenthal and Mushroom Toastie, I was in Heaven.

But no, seriously, this toasted sandwich is the one! It has grilled cheese on top, which is nice and crispy by the time they’ve heated it for you. Toasted white bread filled with creamy Emmenthal and fried mushrooms – bellissimo!!! (And I don’t even like cheese like that!) I’m not sure if there’s a white sauce in the sandwich, or it’s just the cheese. But whatever it is, it’s delicious! Even writing about it now is making me want to go out and buy one πŸ™‚

I have only had it twice, but trust me – you’ll enjoy it. So chew slowly and savour every mouthful! If you’ve never tried it before and you’re in the UK, make sure you do! You can thank me later haha

Finally, the carrot cake. Just skip this one. I’m yet to have a nice pastry in Costa. They all taste dead and bland – not good for you at all. Also they’re packed full of sugar, so not great for your health either!

I think if something is bad for your physical health, at least make it taste nice, so you get a bit of pleasure from it!

But lets end on a positive note. The.. is delicious and it tastes fresh. Low carb- no chance. However you will be very satisfied and it will feel like money well spent at . Although you might be tempted to get another one πŸ™‚

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