Never Give Up on Your Dreams

I joined the gym for me. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I simply deserve to take care of myself and be the best version of myself possible.

Every week I must exercise and push myself, because really, you only have one body, one life in this form, so why wouldn’t you take care of yourself?

I don’t want to neglect myself, due to only focusing on business and my hustles. Every aspect of living should be in balance, mind, body and spirit.

I think before I got too comfortable. I had finally started allowing myself to eat anything. And to enjoy eating anything. After years of dieting, starving and bingeing it felt good to just eat. However the weight gradually crept on, and I started to feel some negative health repercussions.

There were times when I was obsessed with losing weight, because I felt it held the key to my dreams, not recognising that self belief and confidence count for way more than your outer appearance. I tried fitness dvds, classes at the gym, juicing, veganism, I even sometimes had personal trainers (to be honest one of them was quite good, but I had to go and lose his number didn’t I). But as I got older and other things became more important in my life, that whole health kick kind of faded. I’ve learnt that chasing optimal health can easily turn into an obsession if you’re not careful, so it would be good to pray and be mindful of that.

Now I’m trying to be disciplined and healthy. I know the weight will come off, and it already has. So far this year I’ve lost about 11lbs and there is still more to go; however this time I won’t be doing it by force. I will be gentle and kind with my body, but not allow myself to be lazy and to give up. Everytime I hit the gym I start in a bad mood, but leave feeling great. I know it’s worth it. I know it’s not a quick fix. (I could diet for that). No. This is a lifestyle.