So I’m 13lb down!

healthy food dukan protein veg

The journey hasn’t been so hard. Although it’s easy to say that now. I don’t really miss sugar, although cake used to be my thing. I just have to eat fresh EVERYDAY, so there’s really no room for comfort eating. I’m feeling pretty healthy, and feeling pretty good. Every internal worry/concern is being exposed because there’s no carb or sugar fix to numb anything, so it’s a positive but uncomfortable experience. Also my clarity has increased drastically!

It’s amazing how food/drink/socials/parties are all tied to having a good time, and whilst I think they’re great, I do believe they have their place, and shouldn’t be used as a distraction.

In terms of food, from time to time I do treat myself, like a few weeks ago I had Domino’s Pizza and on Sunday I had Costa’s holiday Gingerbread Latte, with whipped cream and a mini gingerbread man cookie on top (I highly recommend this).

I never used to like Costa, but it has really grown on me this year, perhaps because I have had no real alternatives near me. Actually I might have had some nearby, but maybe I’ve just been too lazy/uninterested in going to local coffee shops. There is something quite easy and accessible (impersonal) about chain coffee shops. You can just mind yo’ business, dip in and out, get what you want and go!

Also today is a great day because I received my new contract (one that I could never have even imagined myself receiving), and I feel so excited about the creative projects that will be coming out shortly. I will reveal everything either before the end of the year or early 2020!!!!

My mum said to me I like to drop bombs, and this might be a big one haha. But really, it’s going to be a nice surprise!!