I want to be a Minimalist.

I have so much stuff! And I’m not saying that to brag. I just feel like I need to remove what is unnecessary, and all of the unused items that I have collected over the years. This is hard because I usually only buy things that I truly love, and see myself keeping for many years. But recently I have noticed I have soooo much paperwork laying around the house, and it’s as if they are mysteriously appearing out of nowhere, waiting to be discarded. 

I would say this past month I have really got serious about decluttering. I just really need the space to create fully and efficiently. There is something extremely satisfying about ripping up papers and chucking them in the bin. I also love the smell of a freshly cleaned kitchen, and the chemically scent that’s released when you pour bleach down the kitchen sink or toilet. (ok sorry tmi). Although I’m mindful not to lean onto the obsessive side of cleaning and tidying, I’m happy to go on this journey of ‘winter cleaning’.

As I get rid of the bad things in my life, and release the negativity into the atmosphere, more space is allowed for new love and creativity to enter. To say this year has been a challenging year would be an understatement. But also it has been one of my best years in terms of trying new things and going after my dreams fully (hint hint one of my dream projects will be released soon). the fact that I’m even writing this blog and sharing this blog is amazing (for me), because it means I had to get over a degree of shyness and fear. Fear of judgement, fear of ridicule (this was quite small though), but ultimately a fear of being known. it’s so easy to go by in life, unknown, unrecognized and just blending in the background. Although I’d like to say that God is great, because He knows you even if the world does not acknowledge you. However there is also something scary and beautiful about sharing a part of yourself with the world. You never know who you might inspire or encourage. I know when I see other people’s work, especially art that I enjoy, I can often feel triggered and inspired to act. 

It is my hope that any piece of art I put out brings joy to a person’s life.