Dealing with a crisis

So. What a strange time to be alive.

Coronavirus has seemingly come out of nowhere, and hit the world with a bang!

I read President Trump that said we are fighting an ‘invisible enemy’, and that definitely feels like what it is. 

Thinking about it too long can be quite scary too! I have thought to myself ‘Will my immune system be able to cope if I get it? Will I end up in the hospital like they show on the news? Would I survive?’ However dwelling on thoughts like these is not fruitful. It is fear based, and a way to paralyse activity and growth into a new dimension.

So I have decided to stop doing it, and if you have been doing it in the past, I suggest you stop too.

But then what to feel during this time?

Sadness or Optimism. What about both!

Sadness for the loss of lives, and the impacts on families and communities. Despair at the seeming loss of freedom from quarantine and social distancing.

Optimism found in the world uniting, coming out stronger. At the end of all this, hopefully we will appreciate each other more and remember to value our relationships.

I have found that dealing with disappointment in the right way can reduce sadness. Engaging with the feeling, but not for too long, and focusing on the present and what’s to come.

This pandemic has caused a (seeming) delay with a lot of things in my life, but I’m also trying to see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Ok, so a goal that I had planned to achieve at a certain time, has not been achieved yet. However I still have the opportunity to work towards it, and this is something to celebrate

It seems like there will always be obstacles, but the question is how do you manage them? Do you stress, get anxious. Or pray, have faith and chill, knowing that everything will work out in the end.